Thank you for accepting your school's invitation. Thousands of parent associations and school's around the globe rely on MySchoolAnywhere to easily and securily manage their PTA, publish the school directory, communicate with parents and more.

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Is my data secure? YES! Please go here to review our system security features.

Why did my school choose your system? We're glad you asked. Please go here to view some of the big reasons why.

I think I'm already in, can I still use this? Yes. After you enter your invitation code you'll be taken to a form to enter your last name and email. If you are already in, you can elect to confirm your data via a private email.

Do I get instant access? No. To keep the system secure, all data must be accepted by your school. Then they can provide you access to the system.

Do I have to enter every school year? No. Just once and you are done! After your accepted in to your school's account, you only need to confirm your data once a year. Super easy for you and your parent association.

Can I hide my contact information? Absolutely.

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